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There's a difference between looking and seeing. Train yourself to see. The camera is just a tool I use to show you how I  see the world.

-Mario Oliveto

Mario's  Story

Mario’s artistic abilities and his love for art came at a young age. Growing up in a family of artists, photographers, and designers from all parts of the world, art became second nature to him. He is a culmination of all corners of the art world, from being an artist first and a photographer second.  

Mario’s photography is genuine and heavily focused on real emotions, always believing that everyone has a story. His photography makes you feel as if you were connected with those in front of the camera. Mario’s personality and presence makes each person become the best versions of themselves. Mario’s life is one big journey to find you now. 

Fun Facts!

Get to know the man behind the camera. 

Favorite food: 18oz Ribeye steak, medium rare.; I hate veggies.

Favorite color: Black; timeless. 

Favorite Movie: Rocky;

I love an under dog story. 

My brother's name is not Luigi.

His name is Mitch.


My parents really dropped the ball on that one. 

My guilty pleasure:

Law and Order SVU. I've never missed an episode, and I've seen all the reruns a 1000 times. What can I say,


I love me some Olivia Benson.

Director of Communications for

Let's talk about your vision.

Based in Philadelphia, PA

Photographer seeking adventure and travel. 



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